About us

Tight Stock is a family run business administrated by your friendly neighbourhood retailer heroes. Our objective is to deliver fantastic goods to our customers.

Because we’re a small organisation doing a lot of business, it’s crucial to us that you, our customer is satisfied with the service we provide. You can be sure we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your shopping experience is smooth and efficient.

We know the products we sell. Unlike the big box shifters, we sell these products because we have a genuine interest in them.

We offer great pricing. Our products are usually well under Suggested Retail Pricing from manufacturers. We have sales, special offers, and even give away products for FREE.

We're based in the UK, so you wont be talking to any overseas call centre agent. If you need to talk we’re just an email away.

We locate unusual items and bring them to the UK. It's often hard to find many of our items in the UK. We source them from abroad in many cases, so many of our items you may not find anywhere else.

We offer secure payment environments. You can pay for your items using Shopify payments and paypal. each offer secure, professional payment processing.

We're a genuine company. Set up in 2015, with an overall staff of two. registered in the UK with companies house.

We protect your personal data and are registered with the ICO.


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